East Coast Warm Up = Bikini’s Soon

The East coast has suffered a long winter, now some warmth is here and its to stay. Adorna is offering a special deal, check out the site for the hottest deal possible.

Thanks for checking in, stay healthy and feel great about yourself!

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3 Tips To Staying Motivated At The Gym

You did it, you finally made it to the gym.  Then all of a sudden you find yourself bored, how do you run that extra mile?


Just leave it in the car.  It’s way too easy to end up texting instead of jogging or lifting a little more.


I know I just said leave your phone in the car so bring a separate device.   A playlist full of upbeat music can get you working extra hard

Sports Watch

Keeping track of how long you it takes you to perform a certain exercise is a great motivator.  Make it a goal to beat previous times and you’ll really get going.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your motivation while you’re at the gym

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Don’t Overwork Yourself


It can be hard to find a balance between your home and work life.  Too often we find ourselves taking our work home with us instead of spending time with our significant other and/or children.  Make sure you take time to unplug from technology when you can.  Sometimes this can be hard because some of us try to be perfect and hit every detail at work but you have to remember not to stretch that too far.  Don’t worry, your phone and your work will still be there tomorrow.  Basically, this is just me saying take time and enjoy life!

3 Tips To Cutting Costs

Here are three quick tips to saving money in your everyday life;


Not even just in your weekly paper but also online!  You wouldn’t believe how many promotional codes you can find.


When summer comes all of a sudden you want to buy your favorite bikini but don’t buy it then!  Buy your bikini after summer or winter coat in spring.


Obviously don’t go out of your way to buy 15 jars of mayonnaise but buying your toilet paper or soda in bulk can really save money

All these things require planning ahead of time but it’s worth it in the end run since it’ll put some extra money back into your pocket.

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